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The oldest finds of the genus homo, the human race, are 2.5 million years old. Back then caves provided  protection against wind and weather. As the population grew, and thanks to craftsmanship, we built houses to protect ourselves. We sealed ourselves off hermetically from the environment. Dust, pollen and poor air are the consequences. These factors impair our health and quality of life. Perhaps it is time to rethink how we understand our living spaces.

together, we can create a pleasant indoor climate

With our modern research and many years of development work, we are now able to ensure the essential feel-good parameters for a healthy climate. We have combined this know-how in the user-friendly CIC module.



We spend most of our lives in artificial living spaces which we equip with a controllable climate. By controlling all the feel-good parameters, we create a whole new dimension to the quality of life. A luxury that everyone can afford. With our product, we want to positively influence the private and professional life of humankind. This will lead to greater creativity, performance and vitality in living, working and recreational spaces. Our aim is to be able to enjoy all the benefits of nature at home as well. And to give a little back to nature, we also pay attention to the careful use of resources in the production process. This is precisely what we have also allowed to flow into the intelligent software that independently regulates the indoor climate: heating or cooling only  take  place  when  actually  needed.  In  turn,  this  has  a  positive  effect  on ongoing energy costs without having to sacrifice any comfort. Enjoy the new attitude to life in harmony with nature.